Luxury Hospitality Lighting Manufacturer

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Moorish Architectural Design offers a variety of lighting solutions for the hospitality industry. Whether you are lighting a hotel lobby, restaurant, bar, or hotel guest rooms, we have you covered with our modern and contemporary fixtures. We are a hospitality lighting manufacturer that specializes in custom lighting products for your business needs including Moorish Lighting, Spanish Revival lantern,  Rustic Spanish colonial outdoor light fixtures, Moroccan lamps, Mediterranean light fixtures, Turkish, Egytian, Middle eastern style lights and much more.

We have over 50 years of experience in the hospitality lighting industry partnering with some of the biggest restaurants and hotels in the nation. We have onsite interior design experts that will strategically walk through all our lighting solutions to meet all your lighting specifications.

From guest rooms, bathrooms, hallways, lobbies, conference rooms, restaurants, bars, Seascape Lamps caters to your product needs and will always deliver exceptional quality products.

Looking for inspiration on your next restaurant lighting or hotel lighting interior design project? Check out our gallery of our most recent project installations.